The word soffit literally means “something fixed underneath” in French. They help your residence breathe and they serve a lovely aesthetic purpose. Most of all, soffits protect your rafters and other wood surfaces beneath your roof’s eaves against exposure to the elements.


For almost 30 years, SuperiorPRO has been the leading residential remodeling expert in Marietta. Our attention to detail and our skilled performance has contributed to our stellar reputation. Soffits are one of those seemingly small finishing touches that many homeowners overlook during their roofing and siding installation projects. Now is as good of an opportunity as ever to look up under the eaves of your roof and check to see if you have soffits, as well as to assess their condition.

Hardiesoffit® Panels Non-vented Smooth

Available in three different shades, HardieSoffit® non-vented smooth panels are a stylish and timeless choice. This option creates a beautiful, harmonious aesthetic that is as long-lasting as it is flawless. If the available colors aren’t your style, these panels do come primed and ready for your paint of choice!

James Hardie™ soffits come in a variety of color options. Don’t see an option you like? James Hardie™ soffits come in a primed for paint option.

Hardiesoffit® Panels Vented Smooth

The HardieSoffit vented smooth option is perfect for you if your home could use a little breathability—particularly your attic. This option also comes primed for paint, so if you don’t see a color you like here, you can match it with the paint color of your choice.

James Hardie™ soffits come in a variety of color options. Don’t see an option you like? James Hardie™ soffits come in a primed for paint option.

Why Choose HardieSoffit® Products?

We take great pride in offering James Hardie™ products to all of our Marietta neighbors. Quality is of the utmost importance to us when it comes to work and materials, which is why we are the exclusive James Hardie installers here in the heart of Georgia.

Safeguarding Your Soffits

All of our products and installations come fully warrantied. Protecting your home is our job, and to us, these warranties are an extension of that protection, designed to give you peace of mind.

The Importance of Soffits

As we mentioned, soffits are a crucial component used to protect wooden structures used in the construction of your home. Soffits also protect your attic against pests that would be excited to use it for their homes like bats and other small mammals. They’re also vital for the proper ventilation of your attic. Using passive ventilation (as opposed to active ventilation, like an HVAC unit), soffits can prevent moisture buildup that can lead to mold growth and keep your attic cooler which helps to both increase the life of your shingles and reduce your cooling costs overall during the summer months.

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