The $189.00 Window

The $189.00 Window by Patsy Overton
You have all heard the ads on radio and TV for the $189.00 window.  Does it really exist?  Keep reading.
The advertised window for $189.00 is a vinyl window that utilizes a screw to hold the corners together.  This is otherwise known as a “mechanical” frame.  This is an inferior product to the “heat welded” corners, which form a stronger, air-tight corner.  For an additional $20.00 you can purchase a welded window.  Great!  So now you can get a high-quality window for $209.00, right?  Not quite.  Keep reading.
This window comes with clear insulated glass and does not meet the current IRC codes for energy-efficient windows.  It is a violation of housing code.  To meet the housing code, Low-E glass must be added to the window.  This is glass that keeps out heat in the summer and holds it in during the winter.  The cost to add Low-E to the window?  $50.00 per window.  Now the cost of the window is up to $259.00; but, unfortunately, this window still would not even qualify for the Energy Tax Credit.  This would require a special insulation in the frame and argon gas in the glass, which is available for an additional $20.00.  The Tax Credit Approved window is now up to $279.00.
Unfortunately, there is more.  Here are additional add-ons:

  1. grids in the glass – $40.00
  2. for the exterior to be clad in a matching vinyl material – $60.00 or…
  3. to replace old metal windows – $60.00
  4. New price?  $339.00 without grids and $379.00 with grids

And please don’t forget to add the “Site Set-up and Disposal Fee” of $150.00!
Here is the bottom line:  To replace 10 metal windows in your house, based on their initial charge of $189.00 per window, the cost would be $1,890.00.  The actual charge is more like $354.00 per window or $3,540.00.  Do you really want to do business with that company?
SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors is proud to offer Simonton Windows®, which have been ranked highest in customer satisfaction for three consecutive years by J.D. Power and Associates. These efficient, Energy Star rated windows come in many styles with numerous options. Both sash and full replacement units are available.  Superior Pro Painters will come out to your home for a free estimate on installing or replacing your windows. We hand select the best materials in order to give you the level of satisfaction that you deserve. We also ask that you share with us what your budget is so that we are able to help you stay on target, and we will inquire about what your schedule is in order to finish your window project in a timely manner while also ensuring that your window replacements have been completed to your satisfaction.
We understand your needs when it comes to selecting the best materials at an affordable cost. Therefore, we use vinyl widows and maintain a clean work area during the installation process. The extra-thick glass and airtight seals of our replacement windows retain your heated or cooled air and save you money on your utility bills.
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