Takeaways From the 2014 RESA Convention

Takeaways From the 2014 RESA Convention by Patsy Overton
Last week I attended the 2014 RESA Convention in Las Vegas.  (Somebody had to do it, right?)  RESA stands for Real Estate Staging Association and is a trade organization for home stagers.  So, while everyone in Atlanta was wrestling with Snowmageddon, I enjoyed 70 degree weather and all that Vegas has to offer.
las vegas strip pics | LasVegas360.com: Las Vegas Strip: Downtown: Glitter Gulch: Fremont St.
Without necessarily giving you a blow by blow of the convention, I want to hit the highlights.  The first one pertains to Lisa Vail, who is a luxury home stager in Los Angeles.  Can you see her on the stage in the photo below?  (Of course not!  Sorry about the horrible photography.)

Lisa Vail, high-end home stager in LA

Lisa Vail, Luxury Home Stager

Lisa gave us a list of her ten “must haves” for staging homes in LA.  Here it is:

  1. orchids
  2. ambient lighting – lots of lamps
  3. pillows & throws
  4. the unexpected (ie, vignettes that are a part of the staging story)
  5. statement piece or the “money” piece; something significant like a piano
  6. white bedding & towels
  7. leaning mirrors
  8. down pillow inserts which always give a better look
  9. art books
  10. luxurious duvets & covers
  11. (a bonus) glass containers

And I thought her closing statement was excellent:  “Every home is a luxury home to somebody.”
We also heard from Kristie Barnett, a friend of mine, who demonstrated how to stage living rooms, arrange furniture, and deal with difficult angles.  Kimberley Seldon shared her wisdom on how to finish projects “on time and on budget,” and other excellent real estate agents and brokers, but the other speaker who really grabbed my attention was Matthew Finlason of HGTV fame.  Here he is answering questions after his presentation:

Matthew Finlason of HGTV Fame

Matthew Finlason

Matthew first appeared on the show “The Stagers” out of Canada, then popped up a couple of years ago on “Selling LA.”  He is known for being able to sell the unsellable properties through his targeted home staging.  According to Matthew, the stager must stage the property according to data and demographics.  He spoke on how to “dial in a buyer” and connect your buyer emotionally to the home.  He was quick to remind us, “It’s not about making pretty rooms; it’s about selling real estate.”
It was a great convention and well worth the time and money investment.  And did I mention the Vegas temperature was 70 degrees?  🙂  If you would like to know what I did after hours, you will need to call.  “What happens in Vegas…..”
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