The Benefits Of Stucco Siding

Atlanta Stucco Siding Installation
In this part of the country, many homes feature stucco siding in a variety of styles. We’ve talked on this blog about the benefits of fiber cement siding, but we’ve never really addressed what makes stucco siding a good bet. Why is it such a smart option? Here, we’ll look into what makes stucco siding special, and why it might be the right choice for your home.

  • Stucco siding is versatile. While you might have an image in your mind of stucco, perhaps on a Mediterranean home, it can actually have many different textures, colors, and looks. Stones and other small objects can be placed in stucco to give a unique flair to a home, and stucco siding can be smooth or rough. The color can be added while the stucco is being mixed, or you can paint it after it’s applied.
  • Hard coat stucco is durable. It’s made from plaster and cement, which makes it highly fire-resistant. In addition, it’s such a tough material that it can last up to fifty years without needing replacement. It’s also relatively easy to maintain, as long as you regularly pressure wash it, and attend to any hairline cracks as soon as you spot them. Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS), commonly called synthetic stucco, is not as durable as hard coat stucco, and requires a different approach for upkeep and repair. At SuperioPRO, we’re experts in both.
  • If you’re looking for an inexpensive siding, you can’t beat stucco siding. Its longevity is one reason that stucco siding is such a cost-effective option. In addition, the stucco itself is one of the most economical forms of siding you’ll find. One piece of advice: don’t make the mistake of skimping on the installation in the hope of saving money. It’s well worth it to invest in a professional, experienced, skilled installer, because the long-lasting result is what will cut your costs in the long run.
  • Stucco siding provides insulation, as well as an attractive exterior. Because it’s thick, and made of a dense material, it provides effective insulation, making the home more airtight and less noisy.

SuperiorPRO Installs And Repairs Stucco Siding

When you’re looking for stucco siding, it pays to find a siding company with experience and expertise. A shoddy stucco job can leak and gap, so shop around and find a company that’s qualified to install your siding correctly, so that it will last and stay beautiful for years to come. SuperiorPRO offers siding installation in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, and is well versed in many different types of siding, as well as a variety of home improvement jobs.
If you’re ready to change the look of your home, perhaps to incorporate stucco siding, SuperiorPRO is here for you. At SuperiorPRO, siding installation Atlanta residents can trust is a given, because we use only the most qualified people to install and repair stucco siding. SuperiorPRO is located at 2820 Lassiter Road, Building B100, Marietta, Georgia, 30062. We’re licensed and insured, able to provide glowing references from countless clients, acquired over our 16 plus years of providing excellent service to homes across the area. We are confident that our painting experts, siding products, window installation, and roofing materials will far exceed your expectations, and we only use top-notch products to get the job done. Call SuperiorPRO today to schedule a free quote – 770-642-7170. We service all of Atlanta and the surrounding areas.