Gutters 101

Your house’s gutter system has the important job of diverting rainwater quickly and efficiently away from your home’s siding and foundation. Due to their importance in maintaining the integrity of your home, it is important that you make an educated and informed decision when replacing your gutters. Once you know a bit about the types…
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Stucco FAQs

What types of stucco are available? There are two types of stucco systems: Portland cement-based plaster often referred to as “traditional stucco” or “hard coat” and exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) that is sometimes referred to as “synthetic.” What are the biggest challenges with stucco? The biggest challenge with stucco is neglect. If water penetrates the…
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Commercial: Working with Multi-Family Property Owners

At SuperiorPRO we have extensive knowledge and expertise in all types of commercial properties, including multi-family units such as townhomes, condominiums, and apartment buildings. We are prepared for the unique and sometimes challenging needs of these properties. In addition to working closely with our clients, our professional and friendly workers are also dedicated to keeping…
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Home Exterior: Stucco Painting

Cracking and fading are good indicators that your home’s stucco exterior is in need of repainting. Most stucco homes need repainting about every eight years, but unlike other interior and exterior residential and commercial painting projects, painting stucco requires special knowledge and measures. Don’t DIY—Hire the Right Team Stucco painting requires many tools, specific skills,…
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