Bring a Bold Pop of Color to Your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s facade has a big job to do. Besides being functional and protective, it is responsible for making a first impression to all your visitors and guests. One way to enhance your home’s exterior is to add color. Go big with a bold exterior paint, stucco, and siding color, or add smaller pops of color on doors, shutters, and accents.
Consider Your Home’s Style
Different architectural styles can benefit from different exterior color selections. Bold, bright colors look great on Victorian style homes but a modern home may look better with a different color palette. Be sure to focus on and highlight any unique architectural details.
A fresh coat of paint can instantly update your home’s look. To choose your color(s), consider color aspects that can’t be changed such as the roof, landscape, and hardscape. Also, consider the palette of surrounding homes and any HOA, historical restrictions, and property laws.
Vinyl siding has come a long way from the original small selection of neutral colors—you now have nearly unlimited color choices! James Hardie’s ColorPlus siding features an exclusive, fiber-cement-specific paint formulation with a multi-coat, baked-on color application process that cannot be duplicated by a third-party pre-finisher or on site painting. It also comes with a 15-year limited warranty.
You can choose to make your windows stand out or blend in with your siding by choosing a matching color for your windows’ cladding (the aluminum wrap on an exterior window frame), a complementary color, or a bold accent color.
Front Door
Create a welcoming entrance by adding a bright pop of color on your home’s front door. You can change out your door and opt for one in a bright color or paint your existing door. You can easily change the color of your front door whenever you choose.
Trim and accents don’t always have to be white or neutral. If your home falls on the more neutral side with exterior color, you can brighten things up a little by choosing a lively accent color..or two!
Call SuperiorPRO
It’s time to take a hard look at your home’s exterior. You may be overlooking its flaws because you see it every day. Now is the perfect time to give it a face lift and increase its curb appeal. Sometimes subtle hints of color are enough to really elevate a home to the become the best looking house on the block! Call SuperiorPRO today to add some color to your home. Big or small we can incorporate your chosen colors in ways that will bring life to your home’s exterior.