Choosing a Roofing Company: Top Questions You MUST Ask

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Choosing a reputable roofer might seem like an easy task. There are plenty of options. However, it is better to be safe than sorry and cover yourself by asking some key questions:

  • If you are not sure whether you need a full roof replacement or just repairs, make sure you ask about both options. Have the estimator explain the benefits and concerns of each option. (Many companies don’t care to do repairs, so they may “push” a new roof, when it may not be needed. There may be additional “life” remaining in your roof yet.)
  • Ask to see a physical copy of the company’s insurance papers. (Remember, roofs are high off the ground.)
  • Confirm the types of products you will be receiving. It’s important to know you are having quality products installed. Some top brands include: GAF, Atlas and CertainTeed.
  • Ask to see a physical copy of the warranties – both material and labor warranties. The material one would come from the manufacturer. The labor one would come from the roofing company you are hiring.
  • Look for reviews on places like BBB, Google, Angie’s List and more. Consider the reviews by homeowners and any other endorsements they may have, where research is done on the company’s pricing, ethics, customer service and more.
  • Finally, ask if the company has a warranty department. When companies are in high season (rain and hail seasons) and there’s a problem with your roof, without a warranty department, you may be placed on a long waiting list. It’s nice to know that a company has a separate warranty department should issues arise.

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