Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Bedrooms


Have you ever moved into a new home or gotten bored with your
current one and decided new paint for the walls might be nice? What about when everyone wants a different color…how do you make sure the colors flow well from room to room?
There are some key things to keep in mind when choosing multiple colors for bedrooms in your home. In a given fan deck of paint colors, there are typically 5-7 separate palettes within the deck.  While they can have different names for the palettes, they would run something like this:

  1. Fully saturated colors
  2. A little less saturated colors, but still bright and “clean”
  3. Moderately muted colors which are beginning to look a little less clean
  4. Neutrals colors which read dull – de-saturated or “muddy”
  5. The gray palette, which is very dull
  6. Pastels
  7. Whites

At the same time, each color strip within a particular palette includes light, medium and dark tones.
To select bedroom colors within a house, all the colors should fall within the same palette, but not necessarily be the same “value” or, to put it another way, not the same depth or level of color. You could choose something lighter for one room and darker for the other.
If you are considering an accent wall, the two main paint colors in the room should be in the same palette, but not necessarily the same color strip or value.  Usually an accent wall is darker than the other three walls.
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