Color Selection Is All About the Roof

Color Selection Is All About the Roof by Patsy Overton
Yesterday, Bethany, the Production Manager at, came into my office in a bit of a panic.  “Patsy,” she said, “the paint crew is pressure washing a stucco home today and will be ready to begin painting tomorrow, but the homeowners are having a hard time selecting colors.  Can you help?”  As it turned out, my schedule was rather light for the day so I was able to make an appointment with the homeowners at 4:00pm.  Once I arrived, I discovered the home is 13,000 sq. ft. and sits on the shore of Lake Lanier.  Here is a shot of the home:

This home is stucco and sits on the lake.

Stucco Lake Home

As you can see, the homeowners had already experimented with paint colors as shown above.  They knew the direction they wanted to take — light body, medium trim and dark accents — but weren’t sure they had the right palette.  Shown below is a variation on the same theme with color palette #2.
photo 1
Notice the absolutely gorgeous, ornate trim around the window!  The pressure to select the right exterior paint colors was mounting.  The homeowners also wanted to paint the window sashes in the same accent color they would use on the gutters and fascia, as you can see above in the half-circle window on top.  But how would we determine the correct palette?  See below for a hint:
Yes, it all comes down to the roof color.  Why?  When doing an exterior color consultation I am always working from the unchanging elements of the home.  In this case there was no brick, stone or mortar to drive the selections, but only one unchanging element — the roof!  As you can see in the photo above, the brown that had been painted on the gutter did not blend well with the red tones of the roof.  I pulled out my Sherwin-Williams fan deck and started flipping.  Once I had several good options for the dark accent color, I took out the large 8 1/2″ x 11″ color samples.  Mr. Homeowner got out his ladder and actually climbed up to the top where he could hold our samples right up against the roof to check the colors while Mrs. Homeowner and I looked on below.  (Actually, Mrs. Homeowner also took a turn on the ladder!  I had on 3″ heels, so I passed.)  We decided on the right accent color, then worked backwards to come up with coordinating body and trim colors.  Here is the palette we selected for this beautiful home:
Tony Taupe SW 7038 Virtual Taupe SW 7039 Turkish Coffee SW 6076
The Turkish Coffee was the perfect tie-in color to the roof!
As I left the property yesterday, I asked the homeowners to please send me before & after pictures of their beautiful home.  It’s going to be a dramatic transformation!  Stay tuned…
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