Colorful Front Doors

There is nothing that says “Welcome!” to me more than a colorful front door; and when you work for an Atlanta painting company you tend to notice them.  When I drive down the street and see one that stands out, it makes me smile.  Take turquoise, for instance:

The interplay between the turquoise door and rust/orange door frame and siding is visual perfection!  Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by that front door each evening after a hard day at work?
Next, we have the classic red front door with a twist:
If you happen to be in a southern traditional area like we are here in Atlanta, you probably don’t see this style door very often.  This laquered red is the perfect way to highlight an otherwise gray, drab entrance.  It just screams, “Look at me!  Look at me!”  Well, I’m sure everyone who drives by is looking.  And doesn’t it make you wonder what’s in behind the door?
Finally, this has to be one of the most elegant, beautiful front door entries I’ve ever seen:
To die for!  The classic white body, portico and columns sofened by the greenery and flowers in bloom are the perfect setting for this rich, turquoise front door.  Actually, there are many colors that would look good on this front door given the surroundings, but I don’t think anything else would look any richer.
If you want to see more, take a look at out Pinterest board labeled “Colorful Front Doors.”  Which one is your favorite?
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