Common Stucco Problems and Solutions

Correctly applied stucco can make your home more energy efficient, fire retardant, less susceptible to noise pollution and it will last a lifetime. However, if a stucco exterior is poorly installed or not properly maintained, several serious problems can occur. Improper application of the material almost always leads to water damage, as well as mold, cracking, and staining. 
When excess moisture and water retention are a problem, mold is always a concern. Not only an aesthetically unpleasing sight, mold is a health risk to you and your loved ones. The water source must be identified and repaired, then the affected stucco will need to be repaired and replaced.
Stucco homes are prone to two types of cracking problems: localized and general. Localized cracking is normally due to water damage below the surface, while general cracking throughout the home may be a result of poor workmanship when the stucco was installed. Unfortunately, many of these issues don’t appear until several years down the road. Patching a crack to exactly match your home’s exterior is almost impossible due to weathering and time. After patching the crack you may want to consider refinishing the entire wall for a seamless look.
Rainwater can wash contaminants such as algae from asphalt shingle roofs, overflowing gutters, and dirty windows into your stucco. Over time, these contaminants become deposits that stain and deteriorate your home’s exterior. Another common cause of stucco stains is home decor attached to the wall. Shutters, outdoor lighting fixtures, window boxes, and handrails can contribute to staining.
There are also individual problems specific to the type of stucco applied to a home or business. For example, synthetic Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) frequently have problems with moisture becoming trapped inside walls, leading to rotted insulation, sheathing, and wood framing, which is why traditional hard coat stucco with its exterior breathable finish is often preferred but not guaranteed to not need eventual repairs.
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