Crank Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal with These 2018 Exterior Home Trends

Whether you’re looking for higher offer prices or you simply want to take pride in your home’s exterior each time you pull in your driveway, an exterior that showcases your personal style while also being on point with current trends will always give the best first impression. From minor updates to complete overhauls, transform your home in 2018 with some of these hot exterior home trends:
Texture and Dimension
A multi-textured exterior breaks up visual monotony. For example, due to advances in technology, vinyl siding can now replicate the textures of real wood siding. By blending different siding styles (i.e. architectural panels, irregular cedar-look shingles) or siding of different widths, you can create dimension on your home. You can also add dimension to your roof by upgrading your standard 3-tab shingles with architectural shingles.
Neutral Palettes with Pops of Colors
Neutral palettes are becoming more sophisticated by using different materials within a single color scheme (which links back to the texture trend) and color is popping up to create bright, energetic focal points. Try a crisp white trim against dark gray siding and add a bold, red front door; or add light gray trim to dark blue siding and a refreshing lime or emerald green door accent. Vinyl windows are also available in a wide variety of colors that can either blend in or pop against your home’s exterior to give you the exact look you love.
Going Natural
Heavily processed building materials are being passed over in favor of more authentic, natural products, especially in wood exteriors. Homeowners are choosing clear, natural, or lightly stained finishes rather than heavy stains and paints which masked natural grains for a more organic look.
Continuing Trends: Durable, “Green”, and Low-Maintenance
Durable, eco-friendly, low-maintenance exteriors are still in high demand, making fiber cement a top choice of homeowners. It is available in many of the colors and styles that are on point for 2018; it doesn’t crack, peel, fade, chip, or rot; and it is resistant to moisture, freeze/thaw cycles, and insect activity.
Call SuperiorPRO
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