Decorating an Atlanta Office

Decorating an Atlanta Office by Patsy Overton
Several weeks ago I was called on to help Michael decorate his Atlanta office.  I have been working with him on several home decorating projects since last May, but this call was for his corporate office as he had just moved to a new space.  He had all the furniture pieces he needed — in fact, we had to remove a few items — but key pieces of artwork and accessories were missing.  Here is what I saw upon arrival the day of the initial consultation:

Atlanta office with view

Atlanta Office with View

In another photo at the end of the blog post I will show you that he actually has an incredible view of the Atlanta skyline, which is what gave me direction for my shopping.  After removing a coffee table and end table, then shifting his desk and credenza with hutch about three feet to the left to line up with the visitor chairs (not shown here), I took photos, made plans to return and headed out to shop.  Here is the “after” of the sofa area with added toss pillows, lamp, and accessories:
Atlanta Office with View - after

Atlanta Office with View – after

You may notice the globe in the left corner.  I remembered that Michael had this in his home, where we could never find the right spot for it, and asked him to bring it to his office, where we found the perfect place!
Next, here is a “before” shot of the visitor seating area, directly across from his desk:
visitor chair area before decorating
And after decorating:
visitor chair area after decorating

Visitor Chair Area – after

As you can see, artwork, a lamp and a few accessories make all the difference.  There is nothing quite like a lamp or two to cozy up a cold office space.  And next, take a look at Michael’s desk area:
desk area before decorating
Desk area after artwork is hung

Desk Area – after

corner wall with proper artwork

Corner Wall – after

(Note to self — remove files and paper on desk before taking “after” pictures.  Oops!)  Notice we added a couple of plants which were proportionate to their respective spaces, law books on top of the hutch, which Michael had to rummage from his office storage unit, and coordinating artwork.  The “skyline” picture in the center photo was placed there specifically to “reflect” the actual skyline which could be seen through the windows on the opposite wall, as shown in the photo below:
Atlanta office with skyline
One more note — in the photo above you can see that the sofa only has three toss pillows rather than four, which would be typical.  In decorating and design, everything does not have to be symmetrical, but it does need to be balanced.  The weight of two pillows on one side of the sofa is counter balanced by the globe at the other end of the sofa.  Ahhhhhhh, perfection.
I want to thank Michael for letting me sharing his office photos here on our website.
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