Don’t Ignore Bulging Stucco!

Superior Pro Stucco
Is Your Stucco Bulging?
When sections of a stucco building’s exterior surface bulge out, it is actually pulling away from the framing of the structure due to improper installation, incorrect fasteners, adhesive failure, expansion joint malfunctions, or inadequate drainage. Water will enter the wall system at these weakened points and lead to major problems like mold and wood rot. Believe it or not, you should actually be grateful to see this bulge in your stucco. Sometimes stucco has no outward signs of moisture damage, meaning you have no idea about the damage being done to your property until it’s too late.
Regardless of when your home or business was built or who built it, if it has stucco, you should have a stucco inspection to determine whether or not it is suffering from stucco issues. You definitely want to do this if you are planning on selling your home or business since most buyers today are aware of stucco issues and will request an inspection. Don’t have your home inspected by the same company that will provide the repairs, as this is a conflict of interest and could lead to costly and unnecessary repairs. Contact SuperiorPRO and we will happily provide you with referrals to qualified stucco inspectors. You can also obtain a list of qualified stucco inspectors as well as inspection standards by visiting the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors or Stucco Inspections, Inc.
Repair or Replace?
If you catch moisture damage early, you may be able to simply repair the affected areas. If you have a crack or bulge in your stucco, typically they can be repaired. However, in order for the repaired section to not look like a “patch” it’s best to resurface the entire wall. If there is moisture damage to any degree, you may need to have the entire area/wall re-sided with stucco.
Choose a Qualified Stucco Company
If you find that your home or business needs stucco repairs or replacement, don’t choose just any stucco company! Not all stucco companies are qualified to deal with both traditional, hard coat stucco siding and flexible, Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS), commonly called synthetic stucco. The SuperiorPRO team is proficient with both types and is certified in Dryvit System (Outsulation Plus MD System Training) and Finestone Walls (Approved Applicator Certification). We stand behind our work with a two-year labor warranty and up to a 20-year product warranty.
The SuperiorPRO Difference
Licensed and insured and locally owned and operated, the SuperiorPRO stucco team has the experience and resources to communicate effectively, while completing your project in a timely manner and on budget. We specialize in working directly with homeowners, business owners, property managers and more – keeping the middleman out and investments reasonable. To request a FREE no-obligation quote, call us today: 770-642-7170. Be sure to ask about out current stucco special: 10% off any stucco repair and sealant job over $750!