Energy Efficiency Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Take some time today to winterize your home so you will be cozy all season long—and save some money, too!

Windows and Exterior Doors

Remove and store any A/C window units, then close and lock windows to create a tight seal. Caulk gaps around door and window trim and replace any worn weatherstripping. If the gap between a door and the floor is ¼ inch or more, install a door sweep to block cold air drafts. Consider replacing old windows and exterior doors with new energy-efficient replacements.

Attics, Basements, Crawlspaces, and Utility Rooms

Add more insulation between your home’s walls, along your attic floor, and on your basement’s ceiling. If you are adding blown-in insulation in your attic, verify that it is at least 14” deep to reach the Department of Energy’s recommended R-49. Insulate and weatherstrip the attic door, crawlspace access doors, and any exterior basement doors. Properly seal and insulate any ductwork and use spray foam or caulk to seal openings around vents, fans, light fixtures, and areas where wires enter/exit your home. 

Water Heater and Pipes

Lowering your hot water heater to 120 Fahrenheit (or lower)can reduce your water heating costs by 6 – 10%! Insulate exposedpipesby applying pre-slit pipe foam and wrap your water heater in an insulating blanket if it feels warm to the touch.

Heating System

Dirty air filters in your heating system will restrict airflow and increase energy demand which is why it is important to change your system’s air filters regularly. Program your thermostat to a comfortable temperature during the day (keeping in mind that every degree the temperature is lowered will save you 1 – 3% on your energy bill) and then set the thermostat at least 5° lower at night while you are sleeping. You may want to consider upgrading to an energy efficient furnace to save money in the long run.

Let SuperiorPRO Help You Winterize Your Home

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