Choosing A Color Palette For Exterior Painting

If your home is in need of exterior painting, it may be time to consider a change of color. Of course, changing the color of the exterior of your home is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly. While a room painted the wrong color can be easily remedied, the outside of your home has too much area to be fixed without going to a lot of trouble. Fortunately, SuperiorPRO has been providing interior and exterior painting in Atlanta for almost two decades, and we have some tips for choosing the right color scheme for your exterior painting palette.

  • First, think of your neighbors. If you have an HOA, or some other governing body that dictates the parameters of acceptable home colors, you’re golden. You can simply decide which of the proffered hues suits your style and complements your home. On the other hand, if you’ve got free reign, you could offend your neighbors if you’re not careful. Drive around paying attention to the general color scheme of the neighborhood, and choose with an eye toward fitting in.
  • Assess the architecture. Your home has a style all its own, whether it’s Victorian, Mediterranean, Colonial, modern, or something else entirely. You wouldn’t paint a log cabin hot pink, would you? (Trust us, you shouldn’t.) Look at your home’s architecture, and consider the traditional colors for that style before you make any rash moves. Pay attention, too, to other factors in your home’s appearance. What color is the roof? Do you have brick accents? Choose colors that are harmonious with the things you can’t easily change.
  • Look to the land. What’s around your house? You have two ways to go with natural surroundings: you can blend in or you can stand out. Consider what’s going to look best with your home’s natural setting before you decide on a color scheme.
  • Don’t just choose a color, choose a palette. You’ll need to choose two, three, or even four colors when painting your house. Why? Because you’ll want one color for the main field, another for windows and rooflines, another for accents, and maybe another for the door. Again, your home’s architecture plays a big role in your choices, but you’re never going to paint a house all one color. The colors don’t have to be extremely different- in fact, you can choose three shades of one basic color, for a congruent, balanced look.

Trust The Top Atlanta Painting Company When Updating Your Painting

At SuperiorPRO, we know that choosing colors for your house can be almost as daunting as the paint job itself. That’s why, in addition to our highly skilled painters, we also offer expert designers to help you make those tough choices. In fact, for projects that exceed $2500, a Personalized Color Consultation with a professional Color Consultant is complimentary.
When you’re looking for an Atlanta painting company with an exemplary reputation, SuperiorPRO has you covered. To learn how SuperiorPRO can provide you with the exquisite exterior remodeling you need, including interior and exterior painting Atlanta residents can trust, contact us today. SuperiorPRO is located at 2820 Lassiter Road, Building B100, Marietta, Georgia, 30062. We’re licensed and insured, able to provide glowing references from countless clients, acquired over our 16 plus years of providing excellent service to homes across the area. We are confident that our interior and exterior painting, siding installation, window replacement, stucco repair, and roofing materials will far exceed your expectations, and we only use top-notch products to get the job done. Call SuperiorPRO today to schedule a free quote for your home improvement project – 770-642-7170. We service all of Atlanta and the surrounding areas.