Why Flashing For Stucco Matters

Flashing For Stucco

If you’re a homeowner with a stucco home and who isn’t particularly handy, you probably come across terms, like “flashing for stucco,” which leaves you scratching your head. What does flashing for stucco mean? Is it an important part of the stucco installation process? Even if you’re not planning any do-it-yourself stucco work, it’s good to know the terminology so that you can intelligently converse with a contractor, and choose the right company to work on your house.
What is flashing? It’s just a piece of metal, attached to a structure to steer and prevent water from passing through joints in that structure. It’s used on roofs, but it’s also used around windows and doors, and even in strategic parts of walls, to weather proof a house.
Why is flashing for stucco so important? Stucco is extremely durable, and can last for many years, but it is not impervious to the elements. Stucco will let water through, but if a building is adequately protected, with a well-constructed building envelope, appropriate drainage, and properly installed flashing, water and moisture-related issues will not be a problem.
When a contractor is not careful when installing flashing for stucco, the house can sustain serious damage. Sometimes, rapid building during a housing boom can lead to sloppy flashing jobs or contractors forgetting it all together, and leaks will become evident in just a few years. A good stucco installation is complicated, and requires an understanding of window installation and weather-proofing that some contractors simply don’t have.

Flashing For Stucco – Installation Pros

No matter what kind of stucco work you’re having done, it’s a good idea hire a company of true professionals. At SuperiorPRO, we understand stucco installation, and can also provide you with stucco repairs of all types, including:

  • Water damage
  • Cracks
  • Bird holes
  • Kick-out flashing (AKA: diverter flashing)
  • Hail damage
  • Termination at grade
  • Sealants and more

At SuperiorPRO, you’ll find a team dedicated to providing a smooth and excellent experience and outcome. Our experienced professionals not only offer Atlanta stucco installation and repair, but also painting, siding, and roofing services, as well as window installation. We strive for effective communication with our customers, because we know that when it comes to your home renovation, you deserve to be well-informed at every step of the process.
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