Hanging Pictures in a Grid

Whitney is one of my all-time favorite clients.  She first contacted me about two years ago to help stage her home for the Atlanta real estate market.  Once she moved to her new home, she called me to help her get settled by hanging artwork.  Next, she called for a color consultation and on and on it goes.  I heard from Whitney a few weeks ago regarding hanging more artwork, but this time with a twist — we were to hang one group of pictures in a grid.
When I arrived at her home a few days later, I saw that Whitney had framed 12 agates.  (For those of you who may wonder what an “agate” is, Wikipedia defines it asa microcrystalline variety of silica, chiefly chalcedony, characterized by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks and can be common in certain metamorphic rocks.”)  Here is a picture of an agate stone:

Whitney had framed “cut-a-ways” of the stone revealing the lovely succession of parallel lines.  So, back to the matter at hand.  There were 12 agates that needed to be hung in grid fashion.  She and I spent a considerable amount of time measuring the wall in order to determine how many rows and how many hangings per row would be most appropriate.  It was my feeling that instead of hanging 12 agates, four per row, that we actually needed 15 agates, five per row, due to the length of the wall.  Then it was a matter of determining if they should be centered on the wall (vertically) and how much space should be left between frames.  Long story short, by the time we had finished with our measuring and calculations, there wasn’t much time left to actually do the hanging as we had other artwork to address.  When I left the house that day, Whitney and I were both frustrated that we hadn’t accomplished more.
Fast forward a couple of weeks.  I received an email from Whitney stating, “This past weekend, I sweet talked my husband into hanging the grid of agates!  Actually, I bought a laser level and it was such a fun new toy that he really didn’t mind a bit.  It took about 4 1/2 hours though which is a lot of time.  Look at the photos!  It looks great!  You were spot on about 15.  It would have looked okay with 9 or 12 but much, much better with 15.  It’s much more dramatic in person than the photos show.”

Agates in a Grid Pattern

Agates Hung in a Grid

Whitney went on to say, “I hope you are proud of our grid.  Believe me, Patsy, you should be glad you and I didn’t hang it.  MUCH better to let Chad (her husband) fool with this one.  But I am so glad you and I spent the time figuring out its placement because that is not a discussion I would have wanted to have (at length) with my husband.  Plus the 15 makes it so much more dramatic.”
And here they are shown in Whitney’s pretty dining room:
Dining Room with Agates Hung in Grid

Agate Grid in Dining Room

So, here is what we learned about hanging pictures in a grid, even though we didn’t actually do the hanging:

  1. Measure, measure, then measure again to determine what size the grid should be for the space.
  2. Determine how far apart each frame should be hung — typically, 2-3 inches — and measure again for picture placement.
  3. Purchase a laser level device.
  4. Show the device to your husband and talk up how much “fun” it will be to use it.
  5. Set aside a full afternoon to supervise hubby doing the hanging.
  6. Praise hubby for his wonderful patience and expertise in doing such an outstanding job!

I want to thank Whitney for sending me the pictures of Chad’s beautiful work and for letting me use them in our SuperiorPRO blog.  (Actually, Whitney did a lot of the work, too, in framing the agates and gold-leafing the edges.)  My part was definitely minimal compared to theirs, but perhaps I made a small contribution with my measuring skills.  Regardless, the results are beautiful and quite dramatic.  Way to go, Whitney & Chad!
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