HGTV Has Home Remodeling Ideas To Start Your Year off Right

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If you’re in search of home remodeling ideas, HGTV is a great resource to help you find fresh ideas and inspiration. As we enter the new year, we at SuperiorPRO have gone to HGTV for our own inspiration—to bring you a list of ideas that might just push you to make some changes. Whether it’s choosing a different paint color or remodeling your kitchen, this is a great time of year to try something different and update your home.

  • Gauge your curb appeal and act accordingly. Could your home do with a fresh coat of paint? Is a new color palette in order? Bringing in some professional house painters can really bring your home up to date. Pay attention to how the landscaping connects with the style of the house, and make sure your entry looks inviting.
  • Are you keeping up with design trends? Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, chalkboard walls, and inspirational sayings were all huge in 2015, but does that mean they’ll still be hot in the new year? Not so much. Look for counters made of quartz, concrete or recycled materials, with retro inspired appliances and brightly colored cabinets. On the walls? Think outside the box, and put up interesting features like corkboard and bright wallpaper, including photo murals. Other cool trends to look for in 2016? Art hung directly on book cases, and milk glass displayed in kitchens.
  • Does your kitchen need a boost? The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it should be a place that looks and feels both efficient and comfortable. It should have ample counter space and good lighting, and appliances that suit your family’s lifestyle. Remodeling the kitchen is a move that can add value to your home, but don’t get carried away—minor kitchen remodels have the best return on investment, sometimes netting over 100% return when it’s time to sell the house!
  • Make your bathroom a sanctuary. This is another area where a little bit of improvement can yield a large ROI. Bathroom remodels weigh in at a hefty 85% return in a resale, and a nice bathroom is a boon while you’re living in the house, too. Consider a barrier-free shower with wide doors, a free standing soaker tub, and a vanity with double sinks, if you have the space. Not ready for such a big change? Even relatively small changes, like fresh paint or updated floor tile, can give your bathroom a lift.
  • Is your color scheme room appropriate? It may be time to hire interior painters to give the place a lift. You’ll want tranquil colors in the bedrooms, energizing hues in the kitchen, and living spaces that make a statement about your personal style. Does that mean you should paint each room of your house a different color? Not necessarily. White walls are growing in popularity, providing a canvas for colorful furniture, accents, or even tile. Do you need help choosing a color scheme that works for your house? Enlist the expert services of a paint color consultant!

Home Remodeling Ideas From The Local Experts: SuperiorPRO

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