Home Staging Tips – Turning Lookers Into Buyers

Home Staging Tips – Turning Lookers Into Buyers by Patsy Overton
It’s that time of year when sellers everywhere put their houses on the market in hopes of a quick sale.  To that end, there are certain things you need to do in order to properly prepare your home for selling.  Here are a few home staging tips to help you with the process.

  1. Start outside.  Go across the street and take an objective look at your home.  The eye should be drawn to the front door; not the grass that needs to be cut or the refrigerator on the front porch 🙂  Create an inviting entry with colorful flowers and a richly painted front door.  If buyers don’t like what they see outside, they will never take the trouble to go inside. 
  2. Scrub ’til your fingers fall off!  In addition to ridding your home of the obvious carpet stains and offensive odors, vacuum behind furniture and under the bed; scour ceiling fans and polish doorknobs; clean windows until they glisten.  When things sparkle, houses sell.
  3. Clobber the clutter.  Go room by room and remove anything personal — trophies, wedding photos, college banners, etc.  Rent a storage space for your Elvis collectibles.  Most potential buyers won’t be nearly as crazy about them as you are.  Beware of shoving things into cabinets and closets.  Buyers will get the impression the house has no storage space.  Remember the home stager’s motto:  If you can’t see it, you can’t sell it. 
  4. Pay attention to details.  Patch any holes in the walls; fix leaky faucets; replace burned out light bulbs; buy fresh towels and put all the toilet lids down.  Alphabetize your spice jars and line up all the shoes in your closet.  Organization gets results! 
  5. Camouflage with paint.  Fresh paint not only helps a house look better, but also helps with odors.  Stick with neutral colors.  Even though you absolutely love your purple walls, the potential buyers will remember your home as “the one with the awful purple bedroom.”  Why push your luck?
  6. Keep these props on hand for your next showing or open house:
        • Bowl of lemons
        • Fresh flowers
        • Lots of toss pillows
        • Candles
        • Throw blankets

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