Should You Hire A Professional For House Painting?

house painting

When you’re in need of house painting, it can be tempting to consider doing it yourself. How hard could it be? All you need is some paint, some brushes or a sprayer, and a ladder or two, right? The truth is, house painting is a complicated and labor-intensive task. Hiring someone to paint your house is an investment not only in your curb appeal, but also in your home’s value. Why would you trust anyone who was not a professional to do this big job?

  • First, your home will need to be prepared for the paint. This may mean pressure washing, or it could mean that old, flaking paint needs to be scraped off. Sometimes, paint looks flaky, but is surprisingly difficult to remove! There may also be holes, cracks, or other damages to your home’s surface, which will need to be repaired before any house painting can be done.
  • Once your house is a clean canvas, it’s time to prime. Especially where there are stains or visible knot holes, the surface will need to be painted with primer. The goal is to apply your house paint to a smooth surface, free from blemish.
  • Doors, trim, and lighting will need to be protected from paint. You’ll have to cover these things with painters’ tape or plastic, in order to keep from ruining them with your exterior paint. This can be a tedious, time consuming process, especially if you have a lot of windows.
  • Now you’re ready to apply the paint. You’ll probably need scaffolding to reach the highest points of your home, and it will be a time consuming endeavor. A two story house is even more work than a single story house, but even the smallest ranch takes time and energy, which are both precious resources.
  • Once you’ve finished with the main house painting, it’s time to focus on the trim. Take off all the protective wrapping, and paint the trim an accent color. Not sure which colors will look best on your house? That’s another great reason to hire a professional. Painting companies sometimes offer color-consulting services to help you choose the shades that will best suit your home and your neighborhood.

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