How the Summer Season Affects on Your Roof

Long days of beating down sun and violent storms mean your roof really takes a beating during the summer season. It’s important to be aware of the damage that your roof can be exposed to and do all you can to prevent additional problems.
The Scorching Summer Sun
We’re called Hotlanta for a reason and our scorching summer sun can really do a number on your home’s roof!

  • UV Rays: Long summer days mean increased UV exposure (even on cloudy days) for your roof. These rays have the potential to degrade your roof’s materials (wood can become bleached, weaken and crack; asphalt shingles can become dry and brittle, eventually losing their waterproofing qualities).
  • Heat: If it is 90 degrees outside, your unshaded roof can reach temperatures up to 160 degrees! These temperatures can wreak havoc on your roof and if your attic is not properly ventilated, heat and condensation will build up in your home.
  • Thermal Shock: Your roof expands and contracts as the temperatures outside rise and fall. This thermal shock weakens the structural integrity of your roof over time.

Violent Summer Storms
Summertime in the Atlanta metro means the arrival of severe summer storms bringing hail, rain, and wind our way. While these storms are usually short, they can be very violent.

  • Water Damage / Leaks: Since any damage on your roof can cause water damage or a leak, it’s extremely important to have it fixed right away. Check the interior of your ceilings as well as the outside of the roof for any seeping water immediately following any storms. Catching a problem early could be the difference between a minor roof repair or thousands of dollars in damages and a full roof replacement.
  • Debris Damage: High winds can knock trees and power lines onto your home, causing structural damage, roof punctures, and/or roofing material damages.
  • Water Accumulation: Pooling rainwater can put a dangerous amount of weight on the roof and clogged drainage systems cause also cause significant damage.

Shingle Damage
If you have a shingle roof, your home is most vulnerable to relentless summer sun and heat and can start to experience these problems:

  • Decaying: While newer shingles will usually not be affected by hot weather, older roofs may begin to show decay due to the sun. Decaying shingles will look deformed, rotted, be missing chunks, or start to look like they’re crippling.
  • Warping: Older shingles are also prone to warping (curling or bending upwards) particularly on the corners. These warped shingles are then susceptible to being raised in high winds.
  • Cracking: Shingles on your roof may also start cracking due to the sun and heat or they may become cracked by strong winds or debris. These cracks can then let in moisture. If the crack becomes a broken shingle, part of your roof can become exposed.

Protect Your Roof with Regular Inspections and Maintenance from SuperiorPRO
Summer heat, sun, and storms can be brutal on your roof—let our professional team inspect your roof and perform any necessary roof repairs or replacements. At SuperiorPRO we’ve seen it all and know exactly how to repair any and all roof damage. Contact us today!