Has Ivy Left Your Home in Need of Stucco Repair?

Stucco repair
Ah, Ivy! So pretty and green, it seems to many homeowners like the perfect ground cover, and looks so charming growing up the walls. Unfortunately, those seemingly innocuous creeping vines can leave you in desperate need of stucco repair.
Did you know that English ivy is considered an invasive pest in Atlanta? It’s not native to the United States, and was brought here as an ornamental plant by early settlers. It’s certainly hardy, and has been known to choke out native species, creating what’s known as “ivy deserts.” While it’s not parasitic, it does kill trees by blocking sunlight from the inner leaves they need to create food, and by causing instability as it grows. All in all, it’s a terrible nuisance, and one that people go to great lengths to eliminate, through mechanical or chemical means, and sometimes even by using sheep and goats to clear it out by grazing on it!

Stucco Repair Experts: SuperiorPRO

Stucco repair

What does this have to do with your house? As damaging as ivy can be to native flora, it can be equally damaging to homes. It climbs walls using adhesive rootlets known as “holdfasts,” which secrete a sort of glue to keep their footing. Over time, this “glue” can dissolve mortar between bricks, and cause cracks in stucco. Perhaps worse than that is the problem of moisture trapped between the ivy and the walls, which can cause not only decomposition and discoloration, but also problems with mold and mildew.
Fortunately once you’ve gotten rid of the ivy, stucco repair is possible. In cases where the damage is not severe, SuperiorPRO will be able to fill in cracks and give the stucco a new coat of paint, leaving it looking like new. An elastomeric coating can be used to fill in small cracks before painting, while a stucco patching compound will take care of larger cracks. If a crack needs to be cut out and new stucco applied, a stucco craftsman will “feather” and blend the edges so as to hide the look of a patch. However, it can be visible even after special care. If the homeowner wants to avoid the possibility of seeing the patch, then the entire wall can be texturized and painted. By hiring an experienced stucco repair company like SuperiorPRO to do the job, you will be working with someone well-equipped to deal with stucco issues, whether hard coat or synthetic stucco. Each require unique and specific techniques.
If you are in need of stucco repair in the Atlanta area, SuperiorPRO can help. With experts on staff who are highly proficient in repairing different types of stucco, SuperiorPRO offers stucco repair for cracks, water damage, hail damage, bird holes, and more. Not only that, but SuperiorPRO offers FREE, no-obligation estimates, with a two-year labor warranty and up to a 20 year product warranty. You can trust this locally owned and operated business, because SuperiorPRO is a Moisture Free Certified Contractor, is licensed and insured, and offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
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