Not All Siding is Created Equal: James Hardie® Siding

Hardie plank siding
If you’re shopping for siding, you’ve probably heard the term “HardiePlank® siding.” That’s because James Hardie® Siding products are extremely popular, currently gracing more than 5.5 million homes across the United States. What is it that makes HardiePlank® siding a recognized leading product? There are several factors that set it apart from the crowd.

  • The ROI on HardiePlank® siding is extremely high. Installing fiber cement siding like Hardie siding is a home improvement measure that’s consistently ranked high on Remodel Magazine’s “Cost vs Value” report. In fact, in the South Atlantic region of the country, this renovation yields a 93.8% return on investment!
  • The only thing that looks more like wood is, well, wood. HardiePlank® siding is fiber cement siding, which means it’s made from a combination of wood and cement. It looks very much like wood, which is one reason it’s such a popular choice among homeowners. Additionally, it can be painted like wood, which makes it a versatile design option. Or, there’s ColorPlus® which comes with a factory baked on finish and has a 15 year finish warranty.
  • In addition to being attractive and versatile, HardiePlank® siding is extremely durable. In this regard, it’s better than wood. Fiber cement siding is fire resistant, and it’s completely resistant to vermin and insects like carpenter ants and termites. It’s also formulated to resist damaging environmental factors like extreme heat, freezing temperatures, and humidity. It’s not as cheap as vinyl siding, but it will last much longer, and is warranted by the James Hardie® Corporation for 30 years. In truth, with the proper maintenance, it can last much longer than that.
  • If you care about green building materials, HardiePlank® siding may be for you. HardiePlank® siding is green and sustainable. It’s made of cellulose fibers that don’t come from endangered wood, and cement and sand that’s readily available. The components of fiber cement siding aren’t toxic like vinyl siding, and the long-lasting durability of this siding adds to its appeal as a green building material.

SuperiorPRO Uses James Hardie® Siding to Get Your HardiePlank® Siding Job Done Right – The First Time

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