Mike Kennedy of SuperiorPRO Painting on TrustDALE.com Radio

Last Thursday, Mike Kennedy, SuperiorPRO Painting’s stucco expert, was on TrustDALE.com Radio.   Tom DiGregorio of AquaGuard Basement Systems hosted the show.  Here’s a photo of Tom just prior to going on air:

TrustDALE.com Radio on WSB with Tom DiGregorio

Tom DiGregorio hosting TrustDALE.com Radio on WSB

For those who may not be familiar with TrustDALE.com, Dale Cardwell is a six-time, Emmy award-winning investigative reporter based in Atlanta, Georgia. Dale has spent almost 30 years successfully exposing business scams, political corruption, and educating consumers to become their own best advocate.  With a desire to directly empower consumers with solutions, in 2009, Dale launched his unique business review and consumer advocacy company, TrustDALE.com. This successful enterprise has now grown to encompass a multi-media platform including online, TV, and radio in the metropolitan markets of Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Tampa.  We are pleased to say that SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors is TRUSTDale certified.  Here is a shot of the owner of SuperiorPRO, Irwin Weitz, with Dale at the Fall Atlanta Home Show a few weeks ago:
Irwin & Dale at the Atlanta Home Show 2013

Irwin and Dale at the Fall Atlanta Home Show 2013

But back to the radio broadcast.  Mike Kennedy has been in the stucco repair industry since 1991 and has seen it all.  He is uniquely qualified to discuss stucco problems and solutions.  For instance, Mike explained that when there is a stucco issue, the first thing that must be determined is whether or not the stucco is a hard coat or synthetic product.  (Hint, the synthetic product will sound “hollow” when scraped, but there are certainly more scientific methods of making the determination.)   He went on to say that both products have pros and cons.  For instance, the hard coat system is more forgiving for retaining moisture.  It will drain and evaporate easier and more quickly; however, the synthetic product is better insulated than hard coat and more decorative.  The hard coat is limiting in application and very expensive.  Here’s Mike on air:
Mike Kennedy on air on WSB's TrustDALE Radio

Mike Kennedy on TrustDALE Radio

Mike went on to explain that when both products are properly installed and maintained, either system will perform equally as well.
Other points of discussion that day were:

  1. Kick-out flashing.
  2. How do you identify a good contractor?
  3. When is it time to call the experts?

It was an honor for Mike, as a representative of SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors and North Metro Stucco, to be a guest on TrustDALE.com Radio with Tom DiGregorio.  Thank you for making us look good, Mike!
If you have a stucco home in need of painting or repair, please call SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors at (404) 436-2900TrustDALE Certified.