North Metro Stucco Repair Services

North Metro Stucco, Inc., a division of SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors, is your service provider for E.I.F.S. and Hard Coat Systems stucco repair. We specialize in moisture intrusion repairs, perform caulk and sealant detail work, terminate E.I.F.S. and Hard Coat Stucco below grade, and install kick-out (aka “diverter”) flashing.  We work with Realtors, inspectors, homeowners, lawyers, and termite control companies.
Many of our stucco repair jobs are due to water damage.  When we are called in for an initial inspection, the areas of high moisture are opened and checked for structural damage. If there is no structural damage, the area is then re-stuccoed. If structural damage is found, then the wood repair is made and the area is then stuccoed.  Shown below is a stuccoed chimney undergoing repairs.  In the first photo, the stucco and framing have just been removed:

Next, the framing was replaced.

The substrate was then replaced:

The moisture barrier and galvanized wire lathe were applied.

Next, the hard coat fiber stucco was applied.

NOTE: Hard coat stucco is subject to hairline cracking. Please do not let your painter seal the hairline cracks with a sealant. This will change the texture of the wall and, once painted, the sealant will bleed through and your home will look like a road map. This is also the case when the painter does a stucco patch. The material will change the texture of the wall and will bleed through the paint coats.  The application of the synthetic color finish is shown below:

And here is the finished product:

NOTE: All stucco repair work is custom matched as close as possible for color and texture. The older a house is, the more severely the sun has destroyed the color pigment in the stucco.  Due to the fading of the stucco from sun, acid rain, mildew, mold, and dirt stain, the color may not be a perfect match. Once the synthetic color has been placed on the wall, the homeowner may have to paint the home if he is not happy with the color match. Also, for any home that has been painted, the manufacturer of the synthetic color will be unable to get a perfect match on the color. The homeowner will have to paint any repaired areas if not satisfied with the color.
North Metro Stucco is a local company with well over 30 years of experience in the field of stucco repair. We service the Atlanta metro region.  Irwin Weitz, owner of SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors — the parent company, guarantees that you will get the highest quality service available in the stucco service industry. For stucco repair work that is done with integrity, reliability, promptness and attention to detail, look to North Metro Stucco.