Need A Paint Color Consultant? Atlanta Homeowners Trust SuperiorPRO

When looking for a paint color consultant, Atlanta homeowners have an excellent option in SuperiorPRO. Long known as a leader in home improvement, SuperiorPRO is a company responsive to customers’ needs, and that’s why we’ve added color consulting, staging, decorating, and re-design services to our offerings. We know that while DIY’ers start out with the best intentions, they don’t always have the necessary skills to pull it all together, and that’s why we’re here to help.
How many paint colors are available for your use? The number can seem infinite! Choosing colors for your home is not an easy task, and you may have brought home tons of sample colors, but ended up even more confused than when you started. How can you find the right colors for your home? And once you do find the right color, how do you execute your vision? SuperiorPRO can make this a smooth process, from beginning to end.
Here’s a great tip for testing color options: don’t test the colors on your actual wall. Instead, use a big white poster board, to ensure that your wall surface remains smooth and consistent. When you paint the wall it changes the texture, and even after being sanded, it will not be the same untouched surface again. Often, the inconsistencies will be apparent when the final color is applied to the walls.

Paint Color Consultant Atlanta

Now, let’s take a moment to discuss color theory, as it applies to your home. The first step in choosing colors is to determine whether you prefer neutrals or highly saturated hues, warm tones or cool. Once the proper palette is selected, it is important to note the unchanging elements of the space- flooring, countertops and wood grain inside, and brick, mortar and roof outside, so that you can select the right colors to complement the undertones of those elements. Understanding the basic color schemes and how to use them strategically will help insure that you have that “pulled together” look that will “wow” your friends and neighbors.

Superior Pro Offers Paint Color Consultants Atlanta Residents Rely On

paint color consultant Atlanta

Does this seem overwhelming? If you don’t have that knowledge or expertise, call SuperiorPRO and schedule an appointment with one of our estimators who can help line you up with a color consultant. Atlanta residents can utilize the services of a SuperiorPRO color consultant at no additional charge when they choose SuperiorPRO for a whole house paint job (minimum $2,500 value) and a color change, either interior or exterior. If you’re not using SuperiorPRO for your painting job, or your project comes in under $2500, you can still have a SuperiorPRO color consultant come to your home to help you select paint colors, for a fee. It’s well worth the charge, if it prevents you from choosing the wrong color palette, and making expensive mistakes.
SuperiorPRO listens to customers, and we strive to provide what they need, from start to finish. That’s why we offer the services of a paint color consultant. Atlanta homeowners and commercial customers alike can trust SuperiorPRO to use only the highest quality products, with a staff composed of experienced professionals, in order to get the job done on time and on budget, with excellent communication at every step of the process. SuperiorPRO also offers interior and exterior painting, stucco repair, window installation, and James Hardie® Siding.
Call SuperiorPRO today to schedule a free quote for your home renovation project: 404.436.2900. We service all of Atlanta and the surrounding areas.