Paint Quality: Truth vs. Myths

Paint Quality:  Truth vs. Myths by Patsy Overton, SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors
Irwin Weitz, owner of SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors, recently gave me his Spring 2014 copy of the Professional Painting Contractor, a quarterly publication of Sherwin-Williams.  In this particular edition was a great article on truth vs. myths of paint quality.  The interviewer posed questions to Steve Revnew, VP of Product Innovation for Sherwin-Williams.  I have paraphrased the questions and answers below:

  1. What is the most misunderstood component of paint quality?  There’s a lot of confusion around ingredients.  Some brands trumpet the amount of a key ingredient in their paint, but it’s really the quality of ingredients that’s important.  Take titanium dioxide (TiO2), which gives paint its whiteness, hide and ability to deliver clean, crisp colors.  Some manufacturers have turned to lower-quality, higher-volume TiO2 to cut costs.  But it’s TiO2 quality – not just quantity – that matters. 
  2. What are some basic tips for making better decisions about paint?  No matter how long you’ve been in the painting business, you don’t have to know all of the answers – just the right questions.  Ask your supplier:  ‘What is the right paint for my project?’  ‘What performance characteristics am I sacrificing for price?’  It is always wise to compare “like” products from different manufacturers.  And, ‘Which coating solution is going to give me the best long-term value?’  I must add here that as a color consultant for SuperiorPRO, I have my local Sherwin-Williams reps on speed dial.  They are a fabulous resource!  I was with a customer this week when I had the need to call my rep, Mallory, regarding concrete stains.  For those of us in the painting business we can’t always know everything, but having great “go to” resources that empower us with the answers is invaluable.
  3. What characteristics define a high-quality interior paint?  You’re going to want both aesthetics and durability.  Key properties to look for include hiding and resistance to stains, dirt and burnishing.  And the paint should be specially formulated to go on smoothly, so you avoid brush marks, roller marks and spattering. 
  4. What defines a good exterior paint?  Durability is key.  The best exterior paints hold their color twice as long and resist peeling and blistering.  That’s going to save you money in maintenance.  Look for paints formulated to resist chalking, mildew and dirt.  At SuperiorPRO our estimators frequently run across chalking on painted siding where an inferior paint product was used at the last painting.

2.New Paint House Front
In the words of Steve Revnew, keep in mind, “You get what you pay for.”  Always go with the highest quality coatings you can afford.  It will save you money in the long run.
I hope you found this article helpful.  For further information, see the Sherwin-Williams website.
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