Painting a piece of Georgia history

It’s not too often a painting company is awarded the honor of working on a building that has been an important part of Georgia history since the mid-1800’s. SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors was asked to paint the Stilesboro Institute, now referred to as the Stilesboro Academy, erected in 1859. SuperiorPRO, chosen because of their strong reputation in the market, was tasked with painting the entire interior and exterior of the building.

Stilesboro, northwest of Atlanta in Bartow County, about 8 miles west of Cartersville, is a quaint, unincorporated area. It began as a farming community along the Alabama Road, which is now called GA Highway 113.
The building is unique as many that existed like it, were burned to the ground during the Civil War. With twenty foot ceilings and twelve foot doors, Stilesboro Academy is made mostly of beautiful heart pine. Heart pine, mostly from long leaf pines, grew predominantly when the settlers first came in the 1600’s. Almost all these trees were gone by 1900.
Stories have been told that the Latin inscription above the stage in the Academy, “Deo ac Patriae” meaning, “To God and Country,” was the phrase that prevented General Sherman from burning the building during his march through Georgia in 1864. This phrase was also the motto of the United States Military Academy at West Point, where Sherman attended.
The Stilesboro Academy, owned by the Stilesboro Improvement Club, has the hearts and commitment of its members who keep the building in top-notch condition. The club, founded in 1910 continues to raise money year after year to preserve this special building. “We were all very proud to be involved with this type of project. When it first came in, some of us did not know the complete history and importance of the project. However, we approached it with the same care and attention we would any of our projects,” explained Robert Cabrera, Commercial Manager.
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