Painting the Staircase

Painting the Staircase by Patsy Overton
As the color consultant for SuperiorPRO Painting, I am frequently asked about painting the staircase.  Should you or shouldn’t you?  Just a few weeks ago a couple who was in the process of updating their home in order to sell it asked me what they should do with theirs.  The problem in their home was a handrail and step boards that had faded to the point where the wood no longer matched the wood of the floors.  When I suggested they paint both areas, they gave me a funny look.
Townhouse Staircase
Their staircase was similar to the one shown above, only with wood which was much more faded.  They had investigated changing out the wooden spindles to wrought iron, but had decided against it due to the cost.  Had they done that, the end result would have been close to what’s shown below:

This is always a great look and one that I see frequently, but, again, the cost was an issue for these homeowners.  I suggested painting the staircase again.  Realizing this would be much more cost effective and could even be a nice look, they finally “took it” from me.  While I have not seen their painted handrails and steps, the look will be similar to what is shown below once painted:
Dark wood versus white trim.
How classy!  I love the clean, crisp, elegant contrast of these dark painted (or possibly stained?) handrails and steps against the stark white of the spindles and kick-steps.  Who needs wrought iron spindles for an updated look?
A few weeks ago I asked Ashleigh to pin a board for us on painted staircases.  She came up with images that were totally out of the box!  For instance, are you into color?
Adorable for a little girls room!
Maybe not so great for an entrance, but too cute for a little girl’s room.  She found so many interesting looks.  See her pinboard here.
So here is today’s tip:  If you want to update your staircase for very little money, painting the handrails and steps will do the trick.  Painting will forever and always give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to updating or simply change the look of your space.
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