Painting Stucco Exterior Surfaces Increases Curb Appeal Immediately

Rogers-AfterIs there a good reason for you to consider painting stucco exterior surfaces of your home? If your stucco is worn, cracked, broken, or fading, it may be obvious that it could use some restoration. However, even if your home isn’t in disrepair, it may be time to think about doing some painting. Stucco exterior can be extremely attractive, and a fresh coat of paint can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal.
One of the benefits to stucco is that it can be painted in a variety of colors. While many people choose a traditional stucco look, with earth tones, it’s an extremely versatile medium and can be tinted to match your style and existing landscaping. Stucco homes can be muted and neutral, or bold and bright, but you’ll want to consider your neighborhood’s aesthetic character and any HOA restrictions.
Another benefit of hard coat stucco is that it is a kind of home siding that is very sturdy, and may well outlive its warranty. In fact, even though the average warranty period for stucco is about fifteen years, hard coat stucco has been known to last upwards of 50 years! When you’re looking for classic appeal and long-lasting quality, it’s hard to beat a good hard coat stucco exterior.

When Painting Stucco Exterior, Homeowners Call On SuperiorPRO

When it comes to the company you choose for painting stucco exterior walls, you’ll want to find one with experience and skill. Not every company is qualified to deal with stucco, which can be either hard coat stucco or synthetic. SuperiorPRO has stucco experts on staff who are highly proficient in working with both types of application, and well-versed in all kinds of stucco repairs – from repairing cracks and bird holes to executing termination at grade, applying sealants and more.
If you’re shopping stucco companies, you owe it to yourself to consider SuperiorPRO. At SuperiorPRO, you’ll find a team dedicated to providing a smooth and excellent experience and outcome. We strive for effective communication with our customers, because know that when it comes to your home renovation, you deserve to be well-informed at every step of the process.
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