Replacement Windows Don’t Have to Repeat Previous Style

When replacing your old windows, you aren’t limited to the same size, type, and style of window you previously had. This is the ideal time to consider changing it up a bit and thinking outside the box. Your home’s windows provide natural light, protection from the elements, and ventilation but they also contribute to the architectural character of your house. In addition to having a wide selection of window choices varying in size, style, function, and operation, you also have a variety of material, finish, and hardware options.
Double- and Single-Hung Windows
Double-hung and single-hung windows, are probably the most common windows and are ideal for more traditionally styled homes. Double-hung windows have both top and bottom operable sashes. Single-hung windows also have top and bottom sashes, but the upper sash is fixed.
Sliding Windows
Sliding windows function like double-hung windows, but their sashes slide past each other horizontally rather than vertically. Sliding windows are ideal for horizontally focused designs, such as ranch homes, and areas where you wish to maximize light and improve views.
Casement Windows
A casement window features a single sash attached to a frame on one side with a hinge or hinges, allowing the window to swing out like a door. Most casement windows open by using a crank to set the sash to a desired position.
Awning Windows
Like casement windows, awning windows are also opened with a crank, but instead of a side hinge an awning window is hinged at the top. Awning windows allow for expansive, unobstructed views and fresh air circulation. This type of window can also be opened while it is raining since the sash pivots up and out to create a mini awning.
Hopper Windows
Hopper windows are similar to awning windows except the sash is hinged at the bottom and the top tilts in. A lever or crank is also used to tilt in a hopper window.
Fixed and Picture Windows
Fixed windows (large types of these windows are often called picture windows) do not open. Fixed windows are often combined with other types of windows, such as a picture window centered between two operable windows. This combination allows you to capture a great view and circulate air in your home.
When choosing replacement windows, mix sizes and styles based on the desired aesthetic you wish to achieve and consider such factors as sight lines and your home’s position in the sun’s path. Call SuperiorPRO today to tell us your ideas or let us share our expertise by showing you a variety of window replacement options and layouts. Call us today to get started!