How to Choose a Residential Painting Company

Residential painting

Do you know how to choose a residential painting company? The average home is only painted every 7-10 years, so when you hire someone to do your residential painting, you want to hire someone who will do the best possible job. But how do you find the right one?

  • Don’t limit your options too quickly. Just because your neighbor hired a certain company, or your sister-in-law recommends them, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right company for you. Everyone’s needs are different, and people have different definitions of a “job well done,” so it’s best to interview several different residential painting companies before you settle on one.
  • Get it all in black and white. Estimates should be based on a contractor’s walk-through of your home, during which time every aspect of the job is thoroughly discussed with you. Talk about specifics, including colors, and get your painter’s professional opinion on what you have in mind. Get all your estimates in writing so that you can compare them later, without having to rely on your memory or your notes. Having your estimate in writing also ensures that everyone involved knows what’s expected.
  • Clarify all expectations. Be extremely specific, detailing not only the work that’s to be done, but also timeline, cost, and payment schedule. Don’t accept vague phrases like “surfaces prepared,” but be clear on exactly how they’ll be prepared, as well as what products will be used, including paint and primer, and how many coats of paint will be applied. Research paint manufacturers ahead of time, so that you’ll be knowledgeable about what constitutes a quality choice in materials.
  • Linger over references. Checking references should be the most extensive part of your process when you’re choosing a residential painting company. The contractor should provide references, and in addition to looking into those, you should also spend some time researching the company online, looking for licensing and insurance, as well as reviews. Whenever possible, drive by properties the company has painted in years past, to see examples of how well the work stands up over time.

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