Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast 2014

Last week Buddy Wofford, Director of Business Development, and I (Patsy) drove into town to ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) for the Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast 2014This is an event that Sherwin-Williams holds annually in the fall of each year to share the new color palettes they have put together for the upcoming year based on trends they see around the globe.  Very exciting stuff when you are in the color/painting industry as we are here at SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors.  When we arrived we were directed into the Presentation Room at ADAC where we gathered with 75-100 other designers, architects and specifiers for the 2014 Color Forecast.  Shown below is a shot of Carolyn Noble, Designer Marketing Manager, Southeastern Division for Sherwin-Williams as she began the presentation:

Carolyn Noble, SW Designer Marketing Manager at SW Colormix 2014

Carolyn Noble, SW Designer Marketing Manager at SW Colormix 2014

(Sorry about the lady’s head in the foreground.  I’m not the greatest photographer!)
As Carolyn began to unveil palette #1 — “Reasoned” — I heard her say, “Gray is the new black, and math is the new sexy.”  Huh?  Math?  Really?  She went on to explain that the “drivers” behind this particular neutral palette are mathematics, the economy/numbers, the NY Stock Exchange, fashion, Scandinavian sensibility and 3D printing.  And here is the palette:
SW Reasoned palette

“Gray is the new black, and math is the new sexy.”

I must say, as Buddy and I previewed that collection through accompanying photos, we both wanted to see pops of color tossed into the mix, but it never happened.  If the Reasoned palette doesn’t speak to you, then perhaps the next one will — Intrinsic.


The new Bohemianism.

“Belonging naturally, essential.”

“Handmade lace, embroidery, batik and other ethnic dyeing techniques lend an earthy, folkloric aesthetic to the new Bohemianism.”  They took the words right out of my mouth!  Actually, I was so drawn to the beautiful, strong colors in this palette that I wasn’t listening all that well to what was being said.  You can easily see the Latin American and Eastern European influences in this color mix. 
On to palette #3:
This color collection is light, delicate and translucent.

“Light, delicate and translucent.”

The subtle Diaphanous collection is driven by over consumption, a new femininity, fashion and atmospheric images of such things as clouds and billowing vapors.  If only you could’ve seen some of the stunning photographs displayed at the presentation!  Truly amazing!  We saw weightless women floating through the air and a cloud of vapor that was visible to the naked eye for merely seconds.  Here’s a quote from Sherwin-Williams defining this collection:  “A sheer, simple aesthetic creates the space we need to step into a dream – the place where our best ideas are waiting to be found.” 
And, finally, Curiousity is shown below:
Curiousity is strange, unusual and wondrous.

Strange, unusual or wondrous.

Curiousity is where “the bizarre has never been more beautiful.”  Notice the grays paired with several hues of plum, with Show Stopper red thrown into the mix.  I went clothes shopping over the weekend and saw plum everywhere!  This is a color to embrace for the new year.  Curiousity is a combination of wierd science, geology (with the coppery tones) and eccentricity.  Can’t you just see the mad scientist at work amidst this palette?
So you have now been informed of new paint color trends for 2014.  If you want to see more, here is a link to the Sherwin-Williams page on the 2014 Color Forecast where you can actually view a video on each collection.
Of course, we weren’t going to let the event come to a close without taking full advantage of a photo op.  Here I am (center) with Matt Heald, SW Architect Marketing Manager, Southeastern Division, and Carolyn.  Photography by Buddy Wofford.
Matt Heald, Patsy Overton & Carolyn Noble

Matt, Patsy & Carolyn at SW Color Forecast 2014

SuperiorPRO Painting & Exteriors is always here for you.  Let us know when we can help make your color dreams come true!