Sherwin-Williams Exclusive Plum – SW 6263

Sherwin-Williams Exclusive Plum – SW 6263 by Patsy Overton
Have you heard?  Exclusive Plum – SW 6263 is the “color of the year” selected by Sherwin-Williams’ Jackie Jordan.
SW - Color of the Year carousel - livingroom
(Photo from the SW site.)
Jackie wrote an interesting article recently in the SW Stir magazine on how she arrived at that particular color for her choice.  Here is what she had to say:

  1.  I always look at the latest Sherwin-Williams colormixforecast palettes, because exhaustive research, scrutiny and validation went into choosing those 38 colors. (Last fall I posted on the 2014 colormix forecast.  In case you missed the palettes, here they are again.)
  2. I then seek out the colors that are the storytellers and separate them from the hues that, although important to the overall picture, play more of a supporting role.  So what is a storyteller color? It’s a hue that evokes an emotion, depicts a mood, is emerging in new product rollouts and has endless possibilities.
  3. For these reasons and more, I selected Exclusive Plum (SW 6263) for 2014.

Referencing Jackie’s comments in #1 above, it’s interesting to know that the color forecasters truly travel the world to make their selections for trends.  When they see something repeating from one place to the next, they know they are on to something.  Also, in America new color trends typically show up on the runways of New York first.  What you see on the runways, you will later see in home décor.  For instance, did you happen to notice all the plum fabrics in the stores while you were doing your recent Christmas shopping?
From my perspective as a color consultant I believe Jackie made a great selection.  Why?  First, Exclusive Plum is very gray-scaled, and anything gray-scaled is trendy right now.  In addition, Exclusive Plum can be paired with warm whites, cool whites, bright, vivid colors and also deep, cool hues.  And, finally, Exclusive Plum is a color people respond to one way or another.
If you would like to see a little more plum used as an interior paint color, please take a look at our Pinboard on the subject constructed by Ashleigh.
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