Sliding Glass or French Doors?

When deciding what style of door to choose for your walkways, patios, decks, or porches, the choice often comes down to sliding glass or French doors—but how do you choose?

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass (or gliding) doors are composed of mostly glass encased in a metal frame. They have two panel sections, one fixed-stationary and one mobile that slides horizontally along a parallel track. Requiring almost no space to open, sliding glass doors are ideal for smaller spaces. This type of door provides you with unobstructed views and allows a lot of natural light into your space which can also create the illusion of having a larger space. However, some homeowners find the clear views to be a negative since this type of door also allows clear views into your home as well. Sliding glass doors add a sleek, modern appearance to a space which homeowners living in older, more traditionally styled home may not prefer.

French Doors

Highly decorative French doors feature a wooden frame around one or more window panels and are often used as a divider between your interior rooms (frequently used when entering a formal living area) or as a beautiful access point to your outdoor living areas. The wooden frame can be painted, stained, and styled in a variety of ways, making French doors a dynamic design element. Due to the fact that these doors swing open(often inward), space is required inside of your room to accommodate the swinging span of their opening. However, French doors open the entire width of their doorframe(versus the single panel offered on a sliding glass door) allowing you to bring large objects in and out of the space.

Trust SuperiorPRO for Quality Doors

Homeowners have no shortage of door choices when working with SuperiorPRO. From solid, minimal styles to decorative, glass-paneled designs, at SuperiorPRO we offer a variety of door options made of materials that provide the long lasting durability our customers deserve. If you are in need of assistance in deciding between sliding glass and French doors, your SuperiorPRO consultant can help you choose the perfect door for your home, personal style, and budget. Call SuperiorPRO at 678-250-4631 today for a FREE quote on doors, as well as all of your other home projects such as painting,roofing,gutters, sidingwindowsor stucco repair.