Stucco Inspection and Repairs

Stucco is one of the most popular residential and commercial exterior wall finishes due to its easy installation and cost-effectiveness (when correctly installed and maintained, stucco can last close to a century). In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it can also minimize sound transmission and reduce interior energy use by keeping a property cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Unfortunately, weather changes, improper curing, and/or low quality products and workmanship can lead to unsightly cracking or crumbling. Here are a few tips to keep your stucco stunning:
Personal Inspection
Regularly inspect your stucco exterior for problems, such as cracks, mold, or staining. When caught early, small cracks (less than 1/8″ of an inch) can be patched and staining can be quickly cleaned from the surface. Pay close attention to areas near windows and doors, dryer vents, and electrical boxes since these areas are prone to developing gaps.
Professional Inspections
SuperiorPRO recommends that you do not have your home inspected by companies that also provide you with repair service. Hiring an inspector who also solicits your repair business could lead to costly and unnecessary repairs. We feel that this constitutes a conflict of interest. We are happy to provide you referrals to qualified stucco inspectors. You can also obtain a list of qualified stucco inspectors as well as inspection standards by visiting the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors.
Professional Repairs
Don’t try to take care of mold or large cracks yourself without consulting stucco experts. SuperiorPRO is an industry leader in stucco repair for both residential and commercial properties with either traditional, hard coat stucco siding or a flexible, Exterior Insulated Finish System (commonly called synthetic stucco).
Our experts will review sealants around windows, doors, penetrations through the stucco, stucco transitions to other materials, and stucco terminations (at roof, at grade, at patios or walkways). They will also advise on any cracks, areas of discoloration, mold or mildew or any other areas of possible concern.
Team Up with a Reliable Stucco Contractor
Don’t allow just anyone to complete stucco maintenance or repair to your property. As the most respected exterior solutions company in the Atlanta area, SuperiorPRO specializes in residential and commercial stucco application and repairs and we have multiple warranties and certifications on our products and services. Locally owned and operated, we have achieved an impeccable reputation and our name has become synonymous with outstanding training, stellar customer service and quality work performed with top of the line products. Call SuperiorPRO at 770-642-7170 today for a FREE quote on stucco application or repairs, as well as all of your other home projects such as guttersroofingdoorssidingwindows or painting.