Stucco Repairs – Applying Sealants

Stucco Repairs – Applying Sealants by Patsy Overton
A very important maintenence task to be performed on stucco homes in order to reduce or possibly even prevent wood rot is applying sealants.  It is advisable to seal all windows, doors and other penetrations that meet with stucco. (“Other penetrations” which require sealing are:  AC lines, light fixtures, gas lines, vents, cable wires, water faucets, wood deck areas, concrete patios and vertical soffits. Note: this does not include the frieze board.)  The photo below shows miter joints and tracks of a window which have been sealed:

According to Mike Kennedy, stucco repair and application expert with North Metro Stucco, the sealant must be an approved sealant for the hard coat stucco and E.I.F.S. System which meets ASTM C-920 standards.  (These standards refer to building code specifications regarding elasticity.)  A few of the sealants meeting code requirements are:

  1. Sonneborn Np1
  2. Trimco
  3. Novilink

Each of the sealants listed above is paintable, which Mike highly recommends; however, the sealants used in stucco repair are not the typical painter’s caulk, nor are they applied in the same manner. As a homeowner, if you decide to have the painter apply this item, be sure to have him/her give you a letter in writing that the work will pass a stucco inspector’s inspection.
Here are the steps taken when applying sealants to stucco homes.  First, the wood trim around windows and doors must be repaired before any sealant is applied.  Next, masking tape is used around all windows and doors in order to keep a clean and straight line.  Finally, the 3/8″ seal will be installed around all windows, doors and other penetrations which meet with stucco.

This photo shows where a penetration, in this case a light fixture, has been sealed:

In summary, applying sealants to stucco homes in order to reduce or eliminate wood rot is a must.  If you are not comfortable doing the job yourself we can help.  Please call North Metro Stucco at (404) 436-2900 to schedule a service appointment.
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