Stucco Siding 101

stucco siding

You might really like the look of stucco siding, but how much do you really know about it? Most homeowners don’t know the origins of stucco siding or the best way to care for it. In this article, the experts at SuperiorPRO fill you in on some of the basics of stucco siding.

  • Stucco originated much earlier in time than you might think. It’s unknown exactly how long people have been covering buildings in stucco, but some historians believe the pyramids were originally covered in a stucco finish! Modern stucco is typically a mix of sand, Portland cement, lime, and water, although sometimes fibers and synthetic acrylics are added to give it strength and flexibility. Stucco siding is versatile, and can be applied to brick and concrete primer, or over a wood frame, metal siding, or basically any other building material.
  • Traditional colors for stucco siding have typically been earthy tones or bright white. In truth, though, you can paint stucco virtually any color you like! As long as it’s harmonious with the natural surroundings and doesn’t violate any neighborhood ordinances, feel free to pick a stucco color that suits your style.
  • Care of stucco siding is usually very easy. Known for its low maintenance, stucco is durable and meant to stand the test of time. It can be cleaned with mild detergent and a garden hose, and if it begins to look worn, power-washing or a simple repainting job will often make it look like new. If your stucco siding has cracks or other damage, it can typically be repaired by a company with stucco experience.

Let SuperiorPRO Look After Your Stucco Siding Repair

In truth, you don’t really need to know much about your stucco siding, as long as you know which experts to call when it needs repainting or repair! At SuperiorPRO, you’ll not only find experienced professionals well-versed in stucco siding painting and repair, but also a team dedicated to providing a smooth and excellent experience and outcome. We strive for effective communication with our customers, because know that when it comes to your home renovation, you deserve to be well-informed at every step of the process. Best of all, SuperiorPRO has the knowledge, experience, and skill needed to perform not just stucco siding work, but also interior and exterior painting, window installation, and the installation of HardiePlank® siding.
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