SuperiorPRO Painting at the 2013 Fall Atlanta Home Show

The 2013 Fall Atlanta Home Show has come and gone, but SuperiorPRO Painting, Interiors & Exteriors had a great presence.  We’d like to share with you some photos of the highlights of last weekend.
First, the SuperiorPRO construction crew lead by Frank George worked for several days setting up the CAHP (Consult A Home Pro) “see-thru” house.

SupPro Crew Building See-thru House

SuperiorPRO Crew Building See-thru House

Once that was done, Buddy & Jeff set up the SuperiorPRO booth.

2. Jeff & Buddy setting up  3. SupPro booth

Next, it was time for a little fun.  Here is Lorrie giving instruction to Tony.  (Was his name tag crooked?)

5. Tony & Lorrie

Patsy & Cleve:

7. Patsy & Cleve

Here’s Dale, the peeping Tom.  Can we still trust him?

8. Peeping Dale

On Saturday morning, Irwin, owner of SuperiorPRO, was on WSB’s Home Fix-it Show with Dave Baker, host.

10. Irwin & Dave on WSB

Later, Dave stopped by the SuperiorPRO booth.  Yes, he really does endorse us!

11. Dave at SP booth

Here’s Dave with Frank George.  At SuperiorPRO, no job is too large or too small!

15. Dave & Frank

Is it just me, or does Josh, SP salesman, look about 13 in this photo?

18. Josh with pens

Ashleigh and Rocky:

20. Ashleigh & Rocky

Charlie’s Angels???

22. Charlie's Angels

Rocky & Jeff with the real Dale Cardwell?  Hard to tell.

23. Rocky & Jeff with Dale

Patsy & Buddy in the SuperiorPRO Color & Interiors section:

24. Patsy & Buddy

And, finally, Dale with Cleve.  What’s up with the cruise wear, Cleve?


Although you don’t see it represented in these photos, we really did conduct a good bit of business during the 2013 Fall Atlanta Home Show.  We have just put the booth back in storage, but plans are already underway for the spring show.

SuperiorPRO Painting, Interiors & Exteriors is always here for you. Give us a call to experience the SuperiorPRO difference!  (404) 436-2900

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