The Beauty of Sherwin-Williams Comfort Gray #6205

Several years ago I came across a magazine article highlighting the recent work of a fancy New York interior designer.  In the article he said something to the effect of, “Sherwin-Williams Comfort Gray is the perfect color.”  What he liked about it was the fact that it was constantly changing.  He said he used it in at least one room of each design project.  I was intrigued.

Around the time I saw the article, I had decided to repaint my home office.  Noting that I had some Comfort Gray tones in my window treatments which I wasn’t going to replace, I thought, “Why not?”  I went to the local Sherwin-Williams store and bought a gallon of paint.   On the paint chart I noticed that the color read more green than blue, as shown above; therefore, that’s what I was expecting to see on my walls.  Guess what?  Once the Comfort Gray was up, it read more like what you see in the photo below:

In this bathroom it reads very gray/blue, don’t you think?  Such is the beauty of Comfort Gray.  I realized very quickly in my home office that there will be times when I walk into the room and it is a beautiful shade of blueish/gray; sometimes greenish/gray; while others times it reads blue/green.  It is constantly changing.  Just take a look at the kitchen/stairway below:

And another image showing yet another side of Comfort Gray:

Here it reads blue/gray once again, most likely due to the greater infusion of light in the room.  (FYI, I find that shades of blue are the most difficult to work with, as they always read much brighter on the walls — especially when there is lots of light.  Beware!)
If you are like me and constantly seeking change, then Comfort Gray is your color.  Every time you walk into a room with CG on the walls, it will read differently, but always in a manner that pleases the eye.  Try Comfort Gray in your next design project.  You will not be disappointed!
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