The SuperiorPRO Color Consultation Process

SuperiorPRO Master Color Consultants can help you choose the correct color palette for your home, helping you avoid expensive mistakes. The consultation includes professional painting ideas and color schemes to help you choose the Sherwin Williams Paint colors that fit your tastes. Here’s what you should expect from your Color Consultation:
A Master Color Consultant will come to your home to listen to your color ideas and look at any photos of colors you have in mind. This starting point will give your Master Color Consultant some direction on what you like. They will then look at the fixed elements (whatever is not changing) of the area you are painting. If you are painting the exterior, your Master Color Consultant will go outside to take a look at your roof, your brick’s color and undertones, and your trim color (if you are not changing it along with the siding). If you are painting your home’s interior, your Master Color Consultant will take into account fixed elements in the spaces you are painting such as fireplace brick or trim (if it will be remaining the same color).
For example, if you tell your Master Color Consultant that you are interested in a particular color of gray for your home. They will look at your color choice to be sure it will work well with all of your fixed elements. If it does not, they will offer similar, but warmer or cooler suggestions from their Sherwin-Williams Fan Decks. Fan Decks offer a much better sense of the undertones since they work with color families rather than individual colors. After you have narrowed down your choices, your Master Color Consultant will then pull 8.5” x 11” color samples to hold up right against your brick, mortar, or interior/exterior trim.
Your Master Color Consultant never dictates to you what you must do in your home. The process is all about YOU and the direction YOU want to take. We want you to be happy with YOUR choices, not OUR choices. If you want fuchsia for your home, your Master Color Consultant is going to help you pick the BEST fuchsia! They will definitely point out that it may be a color mistake, but the focus is truly on YOU and what makes YOU happy. They will then write up a form that includes the name and number of your color choice and leave you with color chips to reference for your additional decorating needs.
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* Our Color Consultations are complimentary for any interior or exterior paint project of $2,500 or more and are available for a fee to those who are not using SuperiorPRO as their painting contractor or whose projects are under $2,500.