The SuperiorPRO Preventative Roof Maintenance Program

You may not think much about your roof until severe weather rolls in. While your roof definitely needs to be inspected after high winds, heavy rains, and hailstorms; it also needs routine inspections at least twice per year. Even smart home owners can make mistakes when it comes to roof maintenance – or the lack of it. The best way to ensure that your roof is regularly inspected is to enroll in a preventative roof maintenance program.
Extend Your Investment
Smart homeowners who want to get the most from their roof investment know that regular roof maintenance isn’t an option—it’s a necessity. Routine maintenance will extend the life of your investment and lower your roof’s lifetime repair costs.
Prevent Early Deterioration
Failure to maintain your roof may result in early deterioration of the roofing system and repairs for deterioration from lack of proper maintenance are very costly. Periodic preventive maintenance can prevent minor problems from becoming major nightmares.
Prevent Warranty and Guarantee Cancellations
Untreated deterioration can also result in warranty and guarantee cancellations. Most roof system warranties have specific roofing maintenance guidelines that must be followed in order to keep the warranty in effect. These warranties can be voided by the lack of regularly scheduled roof inspections and maintenance.
The SuperiorPRO Preventative Roof Maintenance Program
SuperiorPRO provides a very affordable preventative roof maintenance service that is a great value for the homeowner with a roof that only needs minor repairs. The service includes the removal of any exposed fasteners on all vents and accessories, the re-sealing of plumbing vent boots and vent stacks and the spray painting of all vents and stacks to eliminate continued rusting of metal vents and to provide for a finished look.
Trust SuperiorPRO
Don’t attempt the dangerous work of roof maintenance yourself! Hire the roofing specialists at SuperiorPRO! We tare always here to assist our customers in making the best roof repair and maintenance decisions. Customers are often delighted to discover that with a little preventative maintenance to their existing roof, SuperiorPRO can extend it’s serviceable life. In some cases, enrolling in a qualified commercial roof maintenance plan can even extend your warranty! At SuperiorPRO, our goal is to keep your roof in top shape so you can rest easy.
Contact us today to learn more about our prolonging the life of your roof with a SuperiorPRO preventative roof maintenance program!