Tropical Storms and Fall Leaves Are Putting Your Gutters to the Test

The Atlanta area is far enough inland that hurricanes don’t usually affect us. However, this year we have received a lot of rain and high winds from tropical storms. High winds may have loosened your gutters or ripped them off the soffit, especially limber vinyl gutters. Pair this damage with clog causing debris buildup and fall leaves…now your gutter system is really put to the test. Clogs will cause water to back up and overflow the gutters, leading to major roof, siding, window, door, and foundation damage. Your gutters could also begin to sag, fall out of place, and possibly collapse from all that added weight. This is why now is the perfect time to check that your home’s gutters are cleared, properly secured, and, if necessary, replaced.
Clean and Inspect Your Gutters

  • Safety first! Be sure to place your ladder securely (never place it directly against a downspout or gutter) before you climb, wear waterproof gloves, and always keep one hand on your ladder to prevent a fall.
  • Clean: Flush your gutters with your garden hose and then wipe away any remaining debris.
  • Inspect: Look for visible holes, cracks, leaks, and corrosion. Check joints for loose brackets, screws, and gutter straps. Look for sagging gutters, trapped water, and excessive wear and tear. Check that your fascia board doesn’t have flaking paint or feel soft and spongy.

Install a New Gutter System and/or Gutter Guards
Rather than repairing and replacing various sections, upgrade to a new gutter system. A new gutter system from SuperiorPRO will protect your home’s structural integrity and beauty by channeling water away from your home. Our affordable, traditional seamless aluminum “K” style gutters are available in 5 inch and 6 inch sizes. They cannot rust or leak (because they are joined only at their inside and the outside corners) and they last an average of about 20 years! We only use a bracket and screw method to install the gutters (more secure and also more aesthetically pleasing) and we also have many gutter options including clog free seamless toppers/guards, splash blockers, and screens.
Call SuperiorPRO
Tropical storms and fall foliage may have really taken a toll on your gutters. That’s why you need to call SuperiorPRO at 770-642-7170 today for a FREE seamless gutter installation quote for your home.