Trust HardiePlank® Siding To Protect Your Home And Family 

It is universally accepted that HardiePlank® siding is a good investment. Eco-friendly and durable, it is also versatile and attractive. But the most important thing about HardiePlank® siding is the protection it provides for your family. Watch the video below to see actual footage of the extreme difference between how vinyl, wood, and HardiePlank® siding react when set on fire.

Pretty unbelievable, right? In less than forty seconds, the vinyl siding is melted. At a minute and forty seconds, the wood siding has reached its ignition temperature and the test panel truly catches on fire. At five minutes, the HardiePlank® siding in merely scorched.
As the video proves, HardiePlank® siding is unsurpassed in the protection it provides against a house fire. HardiePlank® fiber cement siding is not only fire resistant, but also extremely durable in many other ways. It is completely resistant to vermin (rats, squirrels, and chipmunks) and insects (carpenter ants, termites, and wood boring bees). HardiePlank® siding is specially formulated to resist damaging environmental factors, like extreme heat, freezing temperatures, and humidity. While you could pay less for vinyl siding, as the video shows, it is not worth the price you could potentially pay in an emergency situation. HardiePlank® siding protects your home and family, and is warranted by the James Hardie Corporation for 30 years. If properly maintained, it can last for many years beyond that.
HardiePlank® Siding Not Only Looks Beautiful, It Performs Beautifully, Too 
The return on investment offered by HardiePlank® siding is virtually unsurpassed, and the defense it offers against fire is extremely reassuring. The peace of mind you can have knowing that your family is safe and sound in your James Hardie home is worth the cost to install it. For HardiePlank® siding quotes in the Atlanta area, looks no further than SuperiorPRO. Our company offers not only James Hardie siding materials, but also stucco repair, interior and exterior painting, and window repair and installation. Locally owned and operated, SuperiorPRO’s professional staff and home renovation experts are some of the most qualified people to take care of your home projects.
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