What Should You Look For In A Siding Quote?

siding quote

There can be a wide variation in prices when you’re calling different companies looking for a siding quote, so it’s important to be aware that the lowest quote does not always equate to the best deal. Sometimes, companies offer a low quote to get your business, but neglect to mention “hidden” costs that will be included in your final bill. Then, too, there are companies whose materials are less than optimal, which allows them to shave dollars off of your bill, but may end up costing you in the long run. Taking these factors into consideration, what should you expect to see included in a siding quote?

  • The type of siding figures largely into the estimate. There are four common types of siding on the market: wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiber cement siding. While aluminum and vinyl are lower cost options, fiber cement is a much better investment. The siding quote for fiber cement siding like HardiePlank® siding may seem high, but if you consider that the product looks, cuts, and installs like wood, will never rot and comes with a 30 year warranty, it is worth the investment.
  • The removal and disposal of existing siding should be factored into your siding quote.
  • If there are any issues with rot or moisture, these should be addressed as well. Sometimes the sheathing or framing needs to be replaced before the new siding can be installed.
  • Your siding quote should be complete, and include any extras. Fascia, soffits, trim, and crown molding can fall under the category of extras. Contractors typically charge for these by linear foot. It’s important to know your siding company’s policy before you commit to the project.
  • Make sure you get your siding quote in writing. This is a practical way to avoid any surprises or issues once the work is complete and the payment is due. Before the job is started, it’s important to be certain that all parties are clear about exactly what is included and what isn’t. This is a big and common problem between contractors and homeowners – a lack of clarity.

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