Why Do Roof Quotes Often Vary in Price?

Roof replacement quotes vary from one roofing contractor to another and homeowners often find huge price differences when they are comparing estimates. To properly compare your quotes, analyze the full breakdown of costs and make sure you know what each roofing contractor has included in their estimate.
Complete Roof System
Be sure your roofing contractor has quoted a complete system roof. Roofing contractors will sometimes quote a generic or non-system roof where certain things are present, but not all of the crucial components. Short cuts like these can be taken to cut down on costs, but what will it cost you later? Also beware that often low estimates are because a contractor is placing new shingles directly over old roof shingles, which can lead to premature failure and possibly void the manufacturer’s warranty.
Starter Shingles and Underlayment
Does your quote include starter shingles and underlayment? A proper roof requires starter shingles at the bottom of your roof (called the starter row) which need to be doubled up so as to not droop along the edge of your roof. You also need 15 pounds of underlayment (a protective layer between the deck/wood of the roof and the shingles) to prevent leaks and other issues that can arise.
Shingles and Additional Materials
Are the shingles and all other materials being used of the same brand in each quote?  Roof shingles vary in styles and construction and each type comes with its own warranty coverage. Also, will the shingles arrive at your job site pre-cut or will the roofers be cutting them on site? Cutting on site will take longer and add to labor costs. Be sure to truly compare apples to apples when you are comparing the roofing shingles and additional materials that will be used.
Insured, Professional Installers
You may receive a lower quote from uninsured, non-licensed professionals but you will often receive substandard work without a reliable warranty. Insurance companies often  refuse to pay for a weather-damaged roof if it was not installed by a licensed roofer. Be sure to choose a licensed, insured, professional roofing contractor.
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