Why Using Sealants on a Stucco Home Is Critical

One of the ways many paint and stucco companies provide cheaper quotes, in order to “win the job”, is by cutting out the sealant process. You many not realize the importance of this process and probably don’t even know to look for it on a quote. However, this is a key part of the process in maintaining your stucco home’s integrity. You want your home’s building envelope to be watertight before the stucco is applied to keep all water out. When installers neglect to apply a flexible sealant where the stucco meets another material, the stucco will expand, crack and could allow water into your home.
Whether you have Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (E.F.I.S.) or hard coat stucco, the lack of proper sealants at joints and around all openings typically results in water penetration and creates issues such as rot, mold and more. Be sure to hire a stucco company, that examines whether or not your home needs sealing (or re-sealing) of some or all openings. Also, have them point out these areas to you. Typical penetration points include:

  • dryer vents
  • light fixtures and electrical boxes
  • cable TV, telephone, plumbing, water, and gas lines
  • satellite dish mounts and security systems
  • gutter straps and shutter brackets

All penetrations must be sealed with a compatible sealant as recommended by the stucco system manufacturer and required by Model Codes. At SuperiorPRO, we use a quality sealant meeting the required American Society for Testing and Materials 920-C specification. It has excellent flexibility and performance and this sealant is required if a home owner is looking to pass stucco inspections for the sale of a home.
Since most stucco-related problems are related to moisture and water retention, the application of a water-resistant sealer is a reliable defense mechanism against future problems. We will review sealants around windows, doors, penetrations through the stucco, stucco transitions to other materials, and stucco terminations (at roof, at grade, at patios or walkways) for you. We will also advise on any cracks, areas of discoloration, mold or mildew or any other areas of possible concern.
SuperiorPRO is licensed and insured, locally owned and operated, and we always guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. To further put you at ease, our stucco division offers a two-year labor warranty and up to 20-year product warranty. For a FREE, no obligation quote from Atlanta’s most trusted stucco experts, call SuperiorPRO today or visit us at oldsuperiorpro.itliquid.com.